Product Help - SVR

Designed specifically to work with the hosted video service, the ADC-SVR122 Stream Video Recorder provides a 24x7 professional local video storage solution. With the Stream Video Recorder, you can connect up to eight video cameras for continuous recording.

  • 1 TB Harddrive
  • Suports Up To 8 Cameras
  • HDMI and USB Ports for Local Control
Minimum Bandwidth Requirements

2 Mbps

Status LED Guide

LED Location

LED Status


Front of SVR

Green | Solid

Internet connection. Local network and internet connection are active.

Green | Flashing

Local network connection. Local connection only, no internet.

Red | Flashing

SVR is booting up or there is no connection to the any network.

Red | Solid

Cameras not recording or hard drive error.

Red/Green | Flashing

Factory Reset. Caution: This restores factory-default settings to the device. If already installed, the device may need to be removed from the account and re-added after a factory reset. To perform a factory reset, push the Reset button and release when flashing Green and Red(about 15 seconds).
Back of SVR

Green | Solid

SVR harddrive is operating normally

Green | Flashing

Harddrive is full. Normal operation, oldest footage is being deleted.

Red | Solid

Harddrive error.

Red | Flashing (1 second)

Harddrive configuration error.

Red | Flashing (2 seconds)

Harddrive is disconnected

Refer to the Knowledge Base for more information.